The Structure and Administration of CAFR

The centre became a collective member of the Czech Association for African Studies (http://www.africkastudia.cz/cs/) in november 2019.

The management, organisation and the function of CAFR are conducted by the Board of CAFR and the Collegium of CAFR. The administrative and technical function of CAFR are the responsibility of an Administrator. The board of CAFR has at least four but no more than seven members. The chairman/chairwoman of the Board and the vice chairman/vice chairwoman of the Board must always be members of the Board.

Members of the Board are named by the dean of the faculty and chosen from members of the academic sphere, alternatively from research employees of the faculty, usually based on suggestions made by the current Board or based on own initiative. Members of the Collegium are named by the dean of the faculty based on the suggestions made by the current Board or based on own initiative. The Collegium comprises of prominent Czech and foreign experts of African studies who are interested in the research activities of CAFR. The members of the Collegium may, but do not have to, be members of the academic sphere of the faculty. The members of the Collegium are the following, and are assembled by the chairman/chairwoman of the Board.


prof. Markéta Křížová, Ph.D.

Vice Chairwoman

PhDr. Barbora Půtová, Ph.D.

The Administrator and Secretary of the Centre

Mgr. Vojtěch Šarše

Members of the Board

Mgr.  Šárka Grauová Ph.D.

prof. Markéta Křížová, Ph.D.

PhDr. Barbora Půtová, Ph.D.

Mgr. Vít Zdrálek, Ph.D.

Members of the Collegium

prof. Ing. Jan Banout, Ph.D. (Director of Institute of Tropics and Subtropics, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague)

Doc. Hana Horáková, Ph.D. (Substitute Head for Cultural Anthropology, Department of Sociology, Andragogy and Cultural Anthropology – Faculty of Arts, Palacký University Olomouc)

Prof. Petr Kyloušek, Ph.D. (Vice-dean for research and graduate studies and the Head of the Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University)

Mgr. Jan Prouza, Ph.D. (Dean at the Philosophical Faculty, University of Hradec Králové)

Doc. Jan Záhořík, Ph.D. (Department of Middle Eastern Studies – Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen)


Bc. Anna Libánská, Mgr. Vojtěch Šarše