Objektivem Globálního Jihu (ACAFR0009) – LS 2022/2023

CAFR si pro vás na letní semestr připravilo hned dva předměty, přičemž oba dva budou vyučovány v anglickém jazyce. Jedním z nich je předmět Through-the-lense of Global South, který společně povedou Klára Trsková a Vojtěch Šarše ve spolupráci s Národním filmovým archivem, v němž se bude část přednášek i konat. Předmět se koná v pondělí 15:40-17:10.

„Proletarian internationalism was rehabilitated as an integral part of the Soviet project after the fall of Stalinism and the subsequent changes in the USSR’s foreign policy in the 1950s. In Czechoslovakia, internationalism was likewise declared at the highest level of the state and the government was providing scholarships to foreign students from countries that were still fighting their armed struggles for independence or had just gained independence from European colonial powers. In the National film archive Prague are deposited film works from students who came to Czechoslovakia from the so called „Third World“ countries (today’s Global South countries) during this foreign policy. The course Through-the-lense of Global South stresses the importance of transversal skills such as critical thinking and social engagement and it is held in a hybrid form in partnership with the Warsaw university. Students will get familiar with the best practices for oral history and in small groups they can later conduct an online or in person interview with living witnesses by using this qualitative research method or they can submit a film analysis. Both results can later be publish (in English) in the journal Filmový přehled.
The course will be held in a close collaboration with the National Film Archive in Prague and the film journal Filmový přehled where students can publish their final essays and textual analysis. The film archival institution will provide film materials and organize two screenings in the cinema Ponrepo (on the 6th of March 2023 and the 17th of April 2023, Bartolomějská 11, Prague 1), free of charge for enrolled students. During those two sessions students will have an opportunity to assist the screenings from 35mm film copies. Other film excerpts will be shown in the form of HD digital scans. The classes will be taught in a hybrid form: in a present form for students in Prague (in Hybernská 4 premises and in the cinema Ponrepo) and in an online form through for the students from other 4EU+ universities.“